Volunteer Wardens

The Club offers two types of opportunity to volunteer and assist on the UK Sites network:-  

Volunteers - Those who can help out with tasks on many of our UK Sites, assisting the Wardens with their duties.  

Volunteer Wardens - These volunteers actually run the site on a short-term voluntary basis, without the assistance of a Warden.

The Club has two Sites in its network, that are run entirely by Volunteer Wardens and these are:-

Aberbran, Powys and

Slinfold in West Sussex

The volunteer wardens are key to the running of this site and duties include:-

  • Meeting, Greeting and Booking-in members as they arrive on site.   
  • Dealing with Telephone Calls 
  • End of month accounts 
  • Grounds maintenance 
  • Painting 
  • Liaison with Head Office   
  • Volunteer Wardens usually work for at least two consecutive weeks and full training and uniform is provided.   

Interested in becoming a volunteer warden? 

Contact the Club directly to find out more information about becoming a volunteer